Customer Success Stories

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Consumer Packaged Goods

By utilizing Bond Consulting Services and Microsoft Dynamics® GP, a veteran in the home improvement industry has streamlined their business operations like never before.

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Food and Beverage

Bond Consulting Services has implemented Microsoft Dynamics® GP and set up a full range of IT infrastructure for a food & beverage manufacturer from the ground up.

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Find out how a client from the recycling industry has implemented Bond Consulting Services’ Microsoft Dynamics® GP to migrate their business to the cloud, with satisfying results!

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How to recover when growth comes too quickly

All small businesses dream of becoming wildly successful, but gaining too much attention too quickly could spell big problems for entrepreneurs. Brandon Cole, a filmmaker and the founder of Midas Mount, found himself in this position when his Kickstarter campaign raised far more money than expected.

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Heat Treating

A heat treating company that provides aluminum treating services for the aerospace and defense industry with a tremendous amount of tribal knowledge of how to develop compliant planning for various types of materials and parts quickly. They are able to heat treat very large parts such aircraft wing spares and gas turbine engine inlet housings.

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