Client in the Recycling/Waste Management Industry Moves to the Cloud


The client was using an online, hosted account and financial management system. But unfortunately, they had been working with a company and product that didn’t perform well in the cloud. They were notified that they had just weeks to move all of their accounting processes to a new system before the current one was going to shut down.

This is where we come in

Bond Consulting Services discussed the client’s needs with their CFO and President. After having had such a bad experience with their current service provider, they needed a new partner who would provide support for the years ahead and a new hosted solution that worked with their existing operations.

They put their bets on Bond Consulting Services’ Microsoft Dynamics® GP after being shown that Microsoft provides up to 10 years of support for their current Dynamic solutions, and an integration with Dynamics was already available with their operations system.

The bottom line

Bond Consulting Services was able to implement their core system needs in 120 hours, which was timely enough to secure the client’s crucial business management systems. We allowed the firm to successfully migrate seamlessly and without any business disruption when their former provider ceased operations.

The client now enjoys the benefits of increased employee productivity, better business workflow, and better access to information and decision data.

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