Consumer Packaged Goods

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer and Distributors

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Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer and Distributors
Growing manufactures and distributors face challenges from both inside and outside their own supply chains. Price and performance competition from competing supply chains are becoming critical areas that hinder the relationships from small and medium size manufacturers and distributors.

  • Customer specific requirements
  • Shortened delivery timelines
  • Ability to place and monitor orders on the Web
  • Constantly changing inventory
  • Increased customer demands for technology and integration
  • Need for cost-effective ways to deliver products directly to the store shelves
  • Seasonal buying creates increased inventory carrying risks

Efficient workflow is an absolute in meeting these requirements. Solid warehouse management processes for efficient wave picking, directed pick/pack/put-away, EDI processing for efficient data exchange and other orchestrated processing-efficient systems provide the tools to compete in the supply chain world.

At Bond Consulting Services we have over 30 years of experience helping clients lower inventory costs, manage the size and age of inventory with varying shelf lives, tighten delivery times and schedules, increase productivity by integrating Sales, Warehouse, Finance and Billing processes, and deliver real-time visibility on orders, shipments and supplier availability.

Watch this video to learn how Kimberly-Clark, a global CPG manufacturer and distributor, increases its competitive advantage by deploying Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Download this written case study here.

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