Build an efficient supply chain

The global economy is now more interconnected than ever before, which has spawned a global marketplace that was once difficult to access for small and medium-sized businesses.

Today, supply chains have lengthened, placing additional pressure on businesses to operate efficient distribution systems and manage their inventory effectively. Orders must be filled quickly and accurately, all the while balancing a myriad of compliance requirements. Supply chain operations are execution areas where productivity can be lost and errors made commonly do not surface until your customer doesn’t receive what they ordered and need!

Choosing the correct distribution components to run your business can be challenging, and then coordinating their workflow into a smooth operating system is even more complicated.

With over 30 years of experience in working with CPG and Food & Beverage distributors, Bond Consulting Services can help identify solutions and recommendations to common challenges around order fulfillment, bar code/data collection, EDI, Warehouse Management, demand planning, forecasting and much more!

Watch this video to learn how Coca Cola Enterprises uses SharePoint Online to advance its productivity.

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