Discrete Manufacturing

Reduce cost with accurate supervision

Discrete Manu

From frontline Sales Order configuration to Bill of Material version control, engineering change orders, routing, shop floor control, resource utilization, quality control, demand planning, forecasting, refurbishment and rework, serial or lot tracking, and regulatory compliance; the challenges that discrete manufacturers face on a daily basis are tremendous! Trying to solve these challenges with a bunch of spreadsheets or with people and products who don't understand these complexities often leads to more frustration and lost productivity.

We assist our clients in solving their unique challenges and provide collaborative environments in which our clients can grow product lines and increase profits.

Whether you're dealing with Make to Order or Make to Stock items, at Bond Consulting Services we understand your challenges. Our team of professionals brings over 30 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge to assist our clients to facilitate the management of the supply chain, from planning and execution to the identification and remediation of potential problems, helping to provide cost control, perpetual inventory management, MRP, QC and capacity planning with shop floor reporting.

Watch this video to learn how Kimberly-Clark, a global CPG manufacturer and distributor, increases its competitive advantage by deploying Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Download this written case study here.

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