Professional Services

Trust the virtual platform to support team collaboration


Service firms face many unique challenges such as selling intangible products that are not easily quantified and are constantly evolving based on rapidly changing market conditions. They often struggle with correctly estimating projects, and profitability is dependent upon their ability to correctly manage projects and project budgets. Other new challenges include the push to fixed fee projects as opposed to the traditional "time and materials" basis and the challenge of revenue recognition.

Additionally, rarely is one person exclusively involved in a project and often what's needed is a solution that enables multiple people and perhaps whole teams to collaborate throughout the engagement process. To be successful, companies need holistic solutions that incorporate and help manage project, budgetary and resource availability information and can present that data in a meaningful way to end users at the time they need it.

We provide online systems and web-based tools to allow users to view real-time data about their projects as well as updated project management information for executives.

At Bond Consulting Services, our 30+ years of experience has enabled us to help our professional services clients by providing solutions to help them manage their customer relationships, setup collaboration tools to enable document sharing, coordinate resource management, establish workflows and automated business processes to simply project management and project accounting.

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