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Recycling Operations Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The American scrap recycling industry's products are worth at least $20 billion a year. In the United States alone, scrap recyclers handled approximately 120 million tons of recyclables annually destined for domestic use and overseas markets.

Recycling companies are experts in the handling, processing, shipping, and/or ultimate recycling of scrap commodities and can assist communities and organizations in the planning, establishment, and implementation of recycling activities. Whether they are scrap metal, paper, electronics or plastics recyclers, they struggle with many of the same challenges:

  • Maintain and report current inventory levels and values (cost of goods sold)
  • "Reverse manufacturing" breaking down an item or shipment into various scrap materials
  • Managed inbound receipt and outbound shipment functions
  • Fixed Asset and Service Management
  • Tracking receipt of goods and provider information to help prevent transfer of stolen property

Bond Consulting Services has extensive recycling experience with many clients benefiting from the Recycling Operations Management (ROM) software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® GP. ROM is developed by 21st Century Programming (21CP), a recycling software developer with over a dozen years of scrap recycling experience. Bond Consulting Services and 21CP have partnered together to serve the recycling industry for nearly a decade.

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