Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Never misplace sales data again

Track prospects, manage customers, and grow your company with Microsoft's enterprise-grade CRM.


Dynamics 365 for Sales is Microsoft's premier cloud-based CRM that is used by companies of all sizes to automate key business processes. It continuously records and maintains knowledge on sales opportunities, provides data analysis, and enables reactionary customer service. And it integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Office 365.

Key Reasons for Choosing Dynamics 365 for Sales

Low monthly cost

Better than SalesForce, cheaper than SalesForce.

Lower startup cost

Enterprise-grade software that can be implemented based on your budget and needs.

Cloud-based, SaaS solution

Hosted by Microsoft, Dynamics 365 for Sales is readily available on any device and doesn't have an infrastructure that needs managing.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android, making it easier than ever to manage your customers and opportunities.

Centralized Information

Via a comprehensive use of centrally located data, management can greatly improve the efficiency of sales and marketing campaigns.

All-in-one with Office 365

Use your Office 365 login to access Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Outlook Integration

Integrated with outlook, your Dynamics CRM acknowledges your email and scheduling interactions in real-time.

"We put all information into one source and make it easily accessible. This enables us to be one step ahead – acting instead of reacting, no matter where we are." Christian Doos, EVP Sales, Swarovski Professional

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Marketing with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Sync Email with Dynamics 365

Connect SharePoint Online to Dynamics 365

Automatically collect and track emails with Dynamics 365 Auto Capture

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